Grant Funding

Gilead Nordics welcomes funding requests for innovative, high-impact projects that relate to at least one of our therapeutic areas:

  • HIV
  • Oncology
  • Hematology
  • Liver diseases as HCV, HBV, HDV
  • Invasive fungal disease
  • COVID-19

We consider a number of factors when reviewing grant requests, but it is most important for applications to demonstrate a strong commitment to — and capacity for — delivering the specific purposes your funded grant would support.

Gilead will consider grant requests, whether focused on community/patient or medical/scientific programs across four pillars:

  • Providing access
  • Reducing disparities
  • Advancing medical education
  • Supporting local communities

Please note Gilead is unable to fund grants that are:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Retrospective activities that have already taken place
  • Investment in medical equipment or medical hardware as one-off purchases
  • An individual or group of individuals, rather than an organization, group or association that is a legally constituted entity
  • Operating expenses (e.g. fringe benefits, office equipment etc.)

Grant applications are accepted throughout the year.

Patient Community Support

Lack of awareness is often a significant barrier to disease screening and treatment — especially among at-risk populations — leading to acute disparities in care. Gilead supports patients and their communities by funding a variety of awareness-raising projects.

Medical & Scientific Support

Ongoing education is essential to ensuring that healthcare professionals can continue to deliver the best possible care based on the latest advances in medicine. Gilead supports high impact, continuing medical education programs that expand the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals.

Charitable Donations

Many individuals often face undue burdens in getting the healthcare they need due to age, disability, ethnicity or race, location, gender, gender identity, or socioeconomic status.

To help ensure all people have the same opportunity to get the best possible care regardless of background, Gilead offers grants to organizations that hold important social service and healthcare-related charitable events in areas of unmet need.

Transparency Reporting of Grants

Please note, in order to comply with EFPIA and country codes of practice, Gilead publicly discloses grant support made to patient organizations and healthcare organizations (as applicable).

The details will include the name of the organization, a brief description of the activity and the amount of support provided.